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by Rev. Don Rivers

  Who do we place our trust in? Who do we have faith in? Who do we let guide our lives and the decisions we make? We put our trust and faith in many things. Sometimes we are not aware of how much the actions of others guide us. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  I was thinking the other day as I waited at a stop sign, does that person look like they are going to stop or should I wait? It hit me that every day we put our trust in the hands of others. People we donít even know are entrusted with our lives. We take so much for granted. When you stop and think about the level of trust we put in others we are overwhelmed. Who have we entrusted with our life too?

  At the track we put our trust in many people, our crew, other drivers, track safety workers, officials. Putting our faith and trust in others and relying on them for guidance can put us at risk. Sometimes blindly trusting someone isnít the right choice. We need to take a look at the things we trust in racing and in life.

  Some people say that to trust in Jesus is foolish, you canít see him, and how do you know he exists? Some say that to trust in Jesus means you are weak and cannot stand on your own. Others say it is silly to have faith in something that you canít talk to, touch or feel. How can Jesus guide me if He isnít beside me?

  Why is it that we are willing to trust so many things in our life that will eventually fail, but we are unwilling to trust the one person in all the world that will never fail?

  The writer of Hebrews explains the meaning of faith for us;

Hebrews 11:1, Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

  God has plans for our life. He has planned out everything. David Scott puts it this way;

  From: God
  To: you@earth.com
  RE: today

  Today may seem like an accident. But, believe it or not, I actually know what is going on, and I have everything under controlÖ.Really. So, donít freak out. It was my idea. It seems crazy, I know. Iíll explain later. Just do what you can and Iíll take care of the rest.


  P.S. If you have any questions, Iíll be here if you need me.

  Are we ready to put our trust and faith in the only person worthy of trust, Jesus Christ? Are we ready to take direction from God and live our life in a way that honors Him? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. These are things we need to consider before we put our faith in someone else.

  What keeps us from putting our trust and faith in God? What keeps us from letting God have control of our lives? Why is it hard to let God guide us?

  The writer of Hebrews again helps us with some things to consider.

Hebrews 12:1, Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses,
let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles,
and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

  There are three words in this verse that we need to look at, hinder, entangle and perseverance. These three let us know that the road to putting your faith and trust in God has some obstacles. Hindrances come from our own mind; decisions we make that donít honor God. They create circumstances that we were not meant to experience. They distract us from finding God.

  Entanglements take the hindrances to their natural conclusion. This happens when we try to fix things ourselves. We canít. We end up sinning. Sin separates us from God.

  That leaves perseverance, we need to work through the obstacles we face and not give up. God has a plan for us, a good plan, but that doesnít mean there wonít be tests and trials. Perseverance means we make it through and we put our trust and faith in God.

  Letís make a commitment to put our faith in God through Jesus. Let God lead us through our lives. Have a great week.


  SEEKONK, MERCER AND COLUMBUS - Three tracks, four days, eight states and 1,400+ miles, and a little bit of traffic, but we had great opportunities to minister in Godís name!

  Seekonkís Open Wheel Wednesday turned into Thursday. With the potential for a washout the event was moved one night. That meant that Ken Schrader wouldnít make it, but Bentley Warren didnít disappoint and showed up with this newfangled, three wheel, topless offering from Polaris. Looked pretty futuristic.

  With the Tour Type Mods in the house for the third of four Tri Track series races and the Mighty Midgets for the Boston Louie Memorial the pits were full. Although it is always difficult to coordinate so many visiting races teams, the regulars know the ropes, the track did a good job getting things going and moving them along. Circumstances beyond their control, leaking oil on the track would serve to provide a delay.

  Seekonk wasnít the only track that suffered this fate. Columbus had their share of oil leaks and it delayed the green on the K&N race until 10:00. I guess thatís the way things go in the asphalt racing world.

  A tremendous cross section of the Modified community was at Seekonk. It was great to see so many familiar faces in one place. I am encouraged about the future of Modified racing.

  Mercer Raceway Park was a first time visit for me. Accompanied by my Haitian connection, GoGo, we set out early Friday morning on our eight state odyssey. Although it was my first visit I found friends there. Isnít the racing community great that way? Show up at a race track and there is someone there you know. Thanks go out to Bill Beck, Don and Jess Kennedy and Kevin Green. It is encouraging to know that there are workers on the field serving God.

  The reason for attending Mercer was to see Don Grabey, he has taken the lead, after much prompting, of the UNOH All-Star Circuit of Champions Sprint car series. He has a lot of work to do but it is moving forward. Don expressed a desire to have a chaplain present at their events and we are working to meet that request. God continues to open doors.

  Off to Columbus. We had a spectacular Fourth of July day at Columbus Motor Speedway. Classic early summer with a gentle breeze. The drivers put on a great show and entertained the large crowd on hand to celebrate the Holiday. Looking forward to a return trip next year.

  On the way home we took the time to honor some true American Heroes, Flight 93. As we walked along through the field the peacefulness and serenity of this special place is overwhelming. This field holds a special place in our history and it is encouraging to see people treat it with the respect it deserves. Thank you to all those who gave their lives on that flight to prevent a bigger attack. My thoughts and prayers are with their families.

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Jesus is Lord over Auto Racing. GOD BLESS.

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   May God always Bless you, everyday in everyway. Rev. Don


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Source: Rev Don Rivers / Racing With Jesus Ministries
Posted: July 10, 2015

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