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Being In The Front At The End Is All That Matters by Denise DuPont

The Valenti Modified Racing Series (VMRS) headed to Seekonk Speedway Saturday June 6th for the “VMRS Seekonk 100”. The return of the modifieds to the “Cement Palace” brought with them some fast and exciting racing. In just over one hour from start to finish, the mods completed the 100 lap race with seven cautions.

Richard Savary of Canton, MA won his heat race, started the race third, passed for the lead on lap 43 and went forward to win the VMRS Seekonk 100. This was Savary’s first 2015 VMRS win. “It is great to be here in victory lane with all the help we have had from the crew and sponsors. We did not have the best car but we did what we had to do to get to the front and that is what matters.”

Todd Szegedy and Kirk Alexander finished second and third respectively.

Savary had Woody Pitkat, Kirk Alexander and Todd Szegedy all waiting in the wings for the right moment to pass him for the lead. One time Pitkat was able to get by for the top spot but lost it as quickly as he got it when a caution soon followed. “I have been here a lot of times.” Stated the second generation driver Savary. “I watched my dad race here a long time and you just have to protect the bottom. So I was just protecting the bottom. If they were going to be there they had to go to the outside. And that was what I did was put them on the outside and you have to work here for that. I ran the bottom and gave them as much as they needed out there and nobody made it by me.”

There were a lot more spins and cautions for the VMRS race teams than is normally seen at Seekonk Speedway. Whether the track was slick as it got cold or the new tire compound, seven cautions has to be close to, if not a record for the series at the “Cement Palace”. Race winner Savary was included with the drivers had an issue with tire grip as the race unfolded. “I think that everybody had a little bit of an issue trying to get the grip in the right front tire. I know I did at the end of the race,” confessed Savary. “I think that I used the car to much too early in the race trying to run with some of the younger guys and that was a mistake on my part. But we were lucky at the end of the race I just covered the bottom. If Woody Pitkat, Kirk Alexander, or Todd Szegedy were faster than me, I just showed them the outside. There I gave them as much room as they needed while I just roiled the bottom. And that seemed to be the best thing for us.”

Todd Szegedy from Ridgefield, CT ran a consistent race crossing the finish line second after passing Alexander for the position with just 9 laps to go. “This is my best finish here. For me that is a big accomplishment. Every track that I go to I want to score a win at some point in time before I end my racing career and this is one of them. And tonight I came close. Second place is a great finish.”

Szegedy started ninth and cautiously made his way up to fifth by lap 25.“It was tough out there,” expressed Szegedy about the race. “Once these tires wear it tough to stay off each other. You are bumping and all you have to do is touch people and they will spin. It is a tough place. It is challenging and frustrating but I had a good time.”

Kirk Alexander of West Swanzey, NH, passed Szegedy for fifth on lap 30 and stayed within the top five until the checkers flew. A late race caution allowed Szegedy to pull by him for the runner up spot and he slid back into third. “Being able to race with these guys is a lot of fun with great racing. I enjoyed tonight’s racing against Todd Szegedy. It was just good racing and fun rubbing. I am glad we got a podium finish. We are gaining and we will get it!”

Rowan Pennink finished fourth and Anthony Nocella in fifth. Woody Pitkat, Charlie Pasteryak, Norm Wrenn, Dennis Perry and Donny Lashua rounded off the top ten finishers for the VMRS Seekonk 100.

VMRS teams will return to racing on Friday June 19th for Twin 50 lap features at Lee USA Speedway.

Notes from Seekonk Speedway

During the second half of the race it appeared that you were somewhat losing momentum and were being challenged for the lead. Your thoughts.

Richard Savary

“I thought that the fans were going to like the last ten laps of the race. Woody Pitkat was not done and I was not done. He hit me and got by me and I hit him and I was going to go back by him and the yellow came out. Then we raced two more restarts side by side so I did not have any problem with that. That is just racing. You want to race against the good guys and Todd (Patnode) and Kirk (Alexander) are good guys and good racers So there was no slouchers. I do not know how welt Todd was doing or how well his car was. But I think that Woody had a good car. So we did not catch any breaks from anybody. I thought a good break was one break was when we made contact and they stated green and they told us that we had about a ten car length lead with ten to go and I was like “wahoo that is great!” then the yellow came out so we were right back where we started.”

Savary won the spring race last year at Seekonk. Thoughts on his repeat win this year:

Richard Savary

“I hope that it brings us the luck that it did last year. Last year this was the first race that we won ad then we went on and won more. So hopefully this is the same thing, the beginning of something”.

Back behind a VMRS modified for competition at Seekonk Speedway for the first time since early 2000, what are your thoughts being back in the seat here at the “Cement Palace”?

Kirk Alexander

“We have had a lot of success here at Seekonk. I love racing at this track. It is a great facility. It is just an awesome place.”

Your thoughts on 2015 race year and the A-Team?

Kirk Alexander

“I had to build a whole new team. We are making small gains and getting better each week. Being able to race with these guys is a lot of fun with great racing. I would like to thank all my guys. We put this team together over this winter and we are slowly learning and gaining. Every week we are getting better and better”.
Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
: June 7, 2015

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