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Pitkat Finishes His Race Season on the Top by Denise DuPont

When the year started it was supposed to be another normal race year for Woody Pitkat of Stafford, CT. Last year he drove the #42 Valenti Modified Racing Series (VMRS) when it fit in his busy schedule and the team had fun while doing it. This year as racing schedules fell, Pitkat was able to participate almost fulltime with the series. He missed only one race due to a NWMT conflict. On Saturday October 17th, Pitkat captured his first VMRS Championship at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (TSMP).

“It is pretty amazing when we started out we did not even think we were going to run for the championship, we were just going to have fun and race.” Confessed Pitkat about the championship accomplishment. “At our last year’s banquet we were looking at the schedule and said maybe we could run them all. And at that time I really wished that I knew that I would have made other plans. All and all it worked anyways. We came out of the box pretty consistent and we were good the whole year. We did falter a little bit over the summer though. We broke an axle at Claremont ad then at the deal in Beech Ridge we lost some points there and the race. Other than that we had a good car.”

Last year Pitkat had an opportunity to jump behind the wheel of the #42 VMRS modified when the ride became available. Ken Barry contacted Pitkat to see if he was interested and Pitkat jumped at the opportunity. It was a part time ride, the team raced and had fun and proved to be a real good match. “To get in this thing (#42 modified) last year and run consistent but not win was frustrating last year. I knew if I got back into it after these guys worked real hard over the winter that we would be a team to contend with in the series.” And Pitkat proved that he could be a contender and a front runner.

“It actually was just an awesome season.” Stated Pitkat. “We struggled a little bit and missed one race because of a NWMT race conflict. When we came down to the last couple of races it made it close and interesting. I have to say hats off to my team, car owner, crew chief and sponsors!”

Looking back at the year Pitkat expressed what his highlights of the year in the VMRS competition were. “We were really strong at the Stafford (Motor Speedway) races. Then again we were really good everywhere. This team made it fun to go to tracks like Seekonk (Speedway). Lee (USA Speedway), Beech Ridge (Speedway), Claremont (Speedway) which were places that I have never been to. These were places that I had never even seen and we were able to take the car right out of the box and be able to contend not only for top fives but also for wins. Not only did this make my life a lot easier but it was also a lot of fun.”

Runner up for the 2015 VMRS Championship was prior champion Chris Pasteryak of Jewett City, CT. He started the final race for the series mid field and made his way through the field into the top five where he finished. The odds were a long shot that he would surpass Pitkat for the championship but he gave it a good try. “Chris (Pasteryak) had a bad start to the season and then he picked it up when we had a bad season,” Pitkat stated about this years close championship rival. ”Then last week we capitalized on things and we came into tonight ready. Congratulations to them (#5CT Pasteryak team). They won five races and we won two. So obviously they were real good. Hats off to Chris and his team.”

“All of this is just unbelievable!” Congratulations to Pitkat and the #42, Peter Kulessa race team and their 2015 VMRS championship.

Notes from Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park:

Would you have done anything different to 2015 Race Plans if you knew then what you know now?

Woody Pitkat

“I may not have pushed to run Stafford and ran the VMRS series every week if I knew we were going to try to push this deal to a Championship. In the beginning we were not going to, we were just going to run races and have fun doing it. Then when we started running very consistent and were up front in the points, I wanted to keep going and the team was on board with it. I cannot thank them enough. They ran for championships before and they already knew how stressful it is. I really did not understand how stressful it was until this weekend. So yes it was stressful but I am glad that I was able to do it. Next year we will just keep going and hopefully we will have some fun.”

Your thoughts on this weekend?

Woody Pitkat
“The reason why I am here this weekend and being able to run for three championships is because of the crew and everybody that worked so hard to get me the equipment. I am just the lucky guy who comes here to the race track and has the opportunity to run. In the end it all starts at the race track. Wins are run at the race track and I could not do it without any of the guys on my teams.”
Lap 35 was a game changer for the finish. As the green flag run continued, just as the leaders made their way around turn two, a pair of lap cars made contact in front of the field. Reacting quickly, Rocco went high and hit the marbles getting out of shape brushing the turn two outside wall. Rocco continued, Pitkat and McKennedy made it through but Szegedy, running fourth was collected up. Szegedy was able to drive away but had to restould be the last race for Norm Wrenn- the Nashua, NH driver is retiring from racing. A quiet twelfth place finish in the final VMRS feature, Wrenn carries years and years of accumulated experience and wisdom with him as he moves onto the next chapter in his life. Best of luck Norm - where ever you chose to go, whatever you chose to do.

That’s a wrap for the 2015 VMRS racing season. Next up will be the VMRS Championship banquet on November 7th in Manchester, NH.

Source: Denise DuPont / TheChromeHorn.com
: October 18, 2015

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