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   The Chrome Horn - Modified News


A Large Field Of Modifieds (44) And Some Great Racing

Feature #1 - Ed French & Son Paving / Metcalf Paving 35 -
Eric Berndt takes down the $3000 win, followed by a hard charging Woody Pitkat and Anthony Nocella

Feature #2 - Pasteryak Paving 35 -
Ron Silk drives around TC for the $3000 win. Richard Savary also goes around TC for 2nd, with Teddy Christopher hanging on to 3rd place.

Nocella Paving 65 lap feature - Woody Pitkat proves to be the dominant car of the day , taking home the $5000 to win race plus the $500 from Broad Brook Heating & Cooling and the $300 from BC Brennenstuhl for best overall average finish. Les Hinckley, in the Wayne Darling owned 52 takes home second, with Ron Silk capping off an high paying day with a third place finish.

44 modifieds showed up, with only Derek Ramstrom unable to make the call for the first of two 35 lap races.

$62,800 was paid out to the modifieds at the Speedbowl on Sunday

Red Roof Inn bonus went to Matt Hirschman and Ken Darch.

Thanks again to Brian Sparky Denton - who once again sponsored $300 to two modifieds.

Special Thanks to Samuel Kramer / Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists for sponsoring the $10,000 point fund - This years champ - Matt Hirschman

The NorthEast Race Cars Tri Track Open Modified Series is already looking forward to 2016 - and will be contacting tracks. drivers, and sponsors over the next few weeks to see who is interested. Please contact James Schaefer at js8x@aol.com or on Facebook if you are eager to announce that you want on board in 2016.

Results - Feature #1 - Ed French & Son Paving / Metcalf Paving 35 - Berndt, Pitkat, Nocella, Schneider, Hirschman, Preece, Pasteryak, Masse, Meservey, Alexander, McKennedy, Wrenn, Doucette, Kievman, Dolan, Medeiros, Holdridge, Bakaj, Houlihan, Grubisa, Benevides, Ramstrom

Results - Feature #2 - Pasteryak Paving 35 - Silk, Savary, Christopher, Hinckley, Zachem, Bock, Dowling, Annarummo, K Rocco, Perry, Zeiner, Dion, Gallup, Darch, Richardi, J Rocco, Fredrickson, LeClerc, Jankowiak, Beatty, Parker, Vigeant

Jankowiak, Wrenn, Holdridge, and Doucette needed provisionals to make the field

Results - Feature #3 - Nocella Paving 65 - Pitkat, Hinckley, Silk, Christopher, Preece, Masse, McKennedy, Pasteryak, Hirschman, Dowling, Jankowiak, Annarummo, Perry, Holdridge, Alexander, Zachem, Zeiner, Merservey, Doucette, Bock, Nocella, K Rocco, Berndt, Wrenn, Schneider, Savary
Source: James Schaefer / Tri-Track Open Modified Series
: October 26, 2015

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